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I love capturing the best moments of your child and family

together and I feel that natural moments make the most beautiful pictures.  


An outfit can make any photoshoot look its best.  Dress your child/children in whatever makes them comfortable and expresses who they are.  No matter how cute the outfit, if your child is uncomfortable, it will not go as planned. Comfortable kids are happy kids. 


For any shoot, whether it is outside or in my studio, you should have handy some water and wipes for any accidents.  Also have snacks handy in case your child gets hungry. We can take a snack break. Please don’t schedule your session at nap or lunch/dinner time. This will only irritate your child and make them less corporative. 


My studio is spacious enough to accommodate you, your partner and the children. I love grandparents and aunts and friends but not at photoshoots. You may bring ONE (1) adult, other than yourself if we are shooting in the studio, and ONE (1) adult other than you and your partner if we are shooting outdoors. The more people we invite, the more distracted the subjects. 


Safety is my number one priority. It is imperative that the child/children do not touch the lighting or the backdrops. I want everyone to stay safe while you come to visit me. If you or your child is not feeling well, you are required to reschedule. If I notice that your child has a fever, runny nose or cough, you will be asked to leave. 


Should you choose to cancel your session, the deposit is nonrefundable.  You can reschedule at any time before the shoot.  As a mom myself, I am very understanding and know that sometimes things can get in the way.  I know your kids can get sick or not in the mood to take pictures.  I will be more than happy to reschedule the shoot for you.  For the weather, I will always keep a watch on the forecast right before our shoot.  For outside shoots if it looks like it will rain I will contact you 24 hours in advance to reschedule the shoot for a better day.


Your portrait session is only the beginning of creating your custom artwork. Following your session, I spend an extensive amount of time curating and post-processing the best images to deliver to you. As you’ll see in my portfolio, each image is carefully and tastefully edited into a unique work of art. For every minute we spend together, I spend more behind the scenes, making your images and overall experience exceptional.

Within 2-3 weeks of your session, you will be receiving a link to your private gallery of beautifully edited portraits to download and purchase prints. This will be sent to you VIA EMAIL. The digital images are high resolution and you are welcome to download them all. While your gallery is active you will have the option of buying prints directly from my professional printing lab.  If you prefer, you may place your order there.  I will receive your order and then personally prepare the file and send to the lab.






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