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Our session is less than an hour and thus requires some preparation to ensure that both of us are on the same page. Think about WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHAT your new headshot should say. Share with me your vision and headshot examples you like and WHY. The more information I have beforehand, the easier it is to direct the session and to mold to your expectations. 



In the days leading up to your session, be sure to drink plenty of water. Hydrated skin will look fresh and healthy in photos. The day before, avoid alcohol and fried or salty foods, which can cause bloating. You should also do your best to stay out of the sun to avoid sunburn or skin irritation.


The night before your session, go to bed early and get plenty of sleep, so you arrive feeling refreshed and ready to go! 

When choosing what to wear, think about what kind of impression you want to make and remember…the true STAR of your photographs is your face, not your outfit. What a professional dancer chooses to wear may be different from what the CEO of a financial firm might wear. Know what’s appropriate for your line of work and what makes you look as professional and on top of your game as possible.


Keep it simple. Choose solid colors and avoid loud patterns or bright tones that can draw attention away from your face or even wash out your skin in photos. Avoid shiny and reflective articles of clothing. Female executives may want to avoid wearing short sleeves or sleeveless blouses as they draw attention to bare arms. Also, it is best to avoid all-white dress shirts or blouses if you are not wearing a jacket or sweater over it. White shirts often cause a loss of detail and depth in a person and easily washes you out.


Be sure to iron or steam your clothes before your session. Wrinkles definitely don’t look professional.

Jewelry is a tricky, but the key component is to make sure it not distracting. Earrings that fall longer than an inch, and are reflective should be avoided. Busy necklaces or bracelets aren’t necessary. Simple is always best.


Bring your essentials such as grooming supplies, hairbrush, hairspray, lip balm and makeup for touch ups. Speaking of makeup…Err on the side of simple. Ideally, the hair and makeup in a professional headshot should be timeless and classic. Style your hair, and apply makeup before you arrive. 


Make-up should be clean, and most importantly, natural.

To eliminate shine, apply a layer of translucent powder to face and neck. This also has the added benefit of shrinking the appearance of large pores and evening out skin tone. 


Men- if you want photos with facial hair, factor in growth time. You can trim a beard beforehand, but it’s tough to grow the day before.  If you want a look with and without a beard, don’t forget to bring your razor to the shoot.



Ultimately, your headshot will be used in many different mediums. These include your personal or company website, collaterals, social media channels and media opportunities wherein you are interviewed, or you participate in opportunities where you could potentially be interviewed or profiled. And in an increasingly digital world, it is better to have a professional headshot ready to provide in these situations. Furthermore, a professional headshot is integral for promotion where you could be speaking or honored. It is also useful for maintaining brand consistency.


Your headshot might be your first and only impression, reflecting your personal brand as well as your company. It could be a deciding factor between new business and a lost opportunity.                      

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